Archive Albums and Creative Services

While the world is busy digitally archiving documents, images and articles, we at Soolip are busy preserving memories in the way we know how, in a tangible, tactile and artistic way.  We believe that after everything has been said and done, the history and marks made on this planet by an individual, an organization or an event are priceless, and that those memories deserve a celebratory and proper place to live.

Using oversize leather-bound albums in a myriad of colors and textures available exclusively at Soolip, handtorn pages of artisanal, textured paper become the canvas for photographs, newspaper and magazine clippings, important letters and other memorabilia.  Combined with a curated selection of the luxe and distinctive papers of Soolip, these pages are transformed into the rich world of an individual's or organizations life, and a true work of art that will have a life on its own for future generations.

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