Curious Skin Gift Wrap Sheets

Curious Skin Gift Wrap Sheets


Skin is a sensual material, invitingly soft to look at and touch. You can’t help but feel its unique ultra-smooth surface.

This paper is particularly suitable for applications in which touch is essential. Intense matte jet-deep colors combined with the smooth yet tactile surface will elevate the quality of your creations. 

Curious Skin was created to give the designer perfectly homogeneous matte colors with a subtle tactile and ultra-smooth feel with perfect printability. The fashionable bold colors heighten the quality of your designs and Skin's visual smoothness entices you to caress it with a soulful gaze or stroke of your hand.

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  • 2 Sheets

  • Made in UK

  • Acid free

  • Chlorine free

  • Ultra-smooth surface