Social Nod Triptych Stories

Social Nod Triptych Stories


Titillating, intriguing, and stirring, this touch of luxury parallels the building excitement of a blooming romance. Simply slip into her purse or tuck inside his coat pocket. No matter how you use them, they certainly hint at a second date. 

Reunite: I Miss You ; Dinner Tonight? ; Let's Get Naked

Fresh: You Look Nice Today ; Let's Get Naked ; Yes?

Verve: I Miss You ;I Love You ; Let's Get Naked

Connect: I Miss You ; I Love You ; Dinner Tonight?

Sleepover: Hi There ; Dinner Tonight? ; Morning, Sunshine

Flirt: Fox ; Hi There ; Call me

Coffee : You Look Nice Today ; Let's Have Coffee ; Yes?

Rockin': Hi There ; You Rock ; Dinner Tonight?

Tryst: You Look Nice Today ; Let's Get Naked ; Morning, Sunshine

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includes 3 Calling Cards

each card measures 3.625" wide x 1.75" tall

2-ply thick ecru cardstock

hand-edged in gold