Tea-Stained Cotton Flowers


Tea-Stained Cotton Flowers


Created out of repurposed excess cotton scraps from the garment industry in India, Soolip's Cotton Flowers are inspired by a vision to create beauty and cultivate reverence and intention in the least likely of places. The Loose Cotton Flowers may be used for an unlimited variety of whimsical and imaginative purposes.

A few ways that the Soolip Team has incorporated the Loose Cotton Flowers:

- Strategically strewn about a beautifully set table as decor (Corresponds well with themes such as, but not limited to, farm-to-table, rustic and vintage)

- Attached to a clip and used as a playful hairpiece

- Affixed to the top of a wrapped gift as a gift topper

- Fastened to the trim of a bed skirt or curtain

- Lining the edges of a bridal runway

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- Dozen assorted sizes

- Set of 12

- Made in India