Custom Embosser

Custom Embosser

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Whether corresponding with clients or sending thoughtful letters to friends, a custom embosser perfectly ties together professionalism and personalization. Available in matte black, gold, and silver, it is a smart addition to your work space. The custom plate is easily interchangeable, so there is no commitment to a single style. Elegant and stylish, there is nothing more classic than the personalized embosser.

The embosser is made up of the body and a separate "plate". The plate contains text that will be pressed into the paper, resulting in embossed, or raised, letters. This personal printing press can be created with a person’s monogram for personalizing a note sheet, a three-line address for mailing envelopes, or a bookplate for personalizing your library of books.

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Available in Gold, Chrome, or Matte Black

All color styles can be paired with either Initials, Address, or a Bookplate

For custom styles please contact us for further options