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"There is a consciousness in all that I do.   This consciousness I refer to is of living and seeing life with an open mind and heart, without expectation and pre-judgement.  Thus, explains why and how I see the beauty in all things around me, in the simple and the unexpected.

I am impressed by the process of life,  how we get to where we are.  It is never as we plan, and always with imperfection.  That is the joy and beauty of living.  What challenges us is where we achieve the most growth.  What bothers us most is exactly where our opportunities lie.

I am excited by the process of creating things, and the outcome of what personal passion and intention produce.  Thus explains my affinity towards the artisanal and craft.  There is nothing more beautiful and moving than what the human hand and heart can create.

I am inspired by the grace and allure of nature.  I see its ability to be our teacher, physically, mentally and spiritually.   Because of living in our digital age, the disconnection with nature and Mother Earth is exactly what moves me to get reconnected.

Finally, I am driven to share my process with others.  It is my way to contribute to humanity."

                                                                                                                                           - Wanda Wen


A Soolip Wedding - styled by Wanda Wen

May I inspire you to envision the perfect wedding as one not out of the editorial pages of a magazine, but rather something greater, something more heartfelt. A perfect wedding is one in which the unexpected events turn into the most glorious and memorable moments. It is one in which the smallest of details are tended to and where each and every guest feels special, considered and honored. It is one in which the wedding and all of its elements reflect you and your partner, and not anybody else. And finally, a perfect wedding is one in which the process of getting married is as fun as the wedding day itself, and that the meaning behind getting married is not lost in the process.

That is my idea of a perfect wedding.  


rustic grace

dinner setting of vintage garnet and blush dishware with silver and flax linens on rustic long farm tables and mix-matched wooden chairs

phases of the moon wood garland in midnight blue and silver glitter floating up above

gold-twine wrapped wood discs with evergreen sprigs and white floral lining the bridal path

signage on torn-edge papers with fluid strokes hand-calligraphed in rich inks of midnight blues and scarlet reds

nature installation of raw cotton ball garlands strung on silver crimped-wire

floating floral in nature's creek

 . . .  and a whole lotta love

Italian Alps

vintage, medieval enchantment

light fuscia pink roses tied with charcoal crimped velvet ribbon and hand-scribed love poetry cotton sashes 

gold calligraphy and pressed floral on intense blue deckle-edge place cards tucked into periwinkle linen napkins

floral palette of purples, periwinkles, blush and deep reds for accent

oblong chandelier of gold wire-wrapped raw periwinkle chalcedony and clear quartz crystals for the couple to marry under

grand European dessert buffet by candlelight

 . . .  and a whole lotta love


nature, elegant and refined

pale blush peonies stand majestic in blown glass vessels

letterpressed "word" cards are the canvas for love letters written for the bride & groom, a Soolip writing experience

purple amethyst crystals and poignant floral situations highlight the table dressed in 100% flax linen

Photography by Docuvitae

natural white circle cards letterpress printed with the couple's favorite song lyrics, tucked within 100% flax linen napkins

blown glass vessels filled with yellow field flowers punctuate the environment creating enchanting moments throughout

escort cards of silkscreened henna tucked within natural wax banana envelopes and hand calligraphered with henna-brown ink find their home clipped to evergreen saplings

naked cake topped with fresh berries sit perched on a wood round

 . . .  and a whole lotta love

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