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Archive Albums and Creative Services

While the world is busy digitally archiving documents, images and articles, we at Soolip are busy preserving memories in the way we know how, in a tangible, tactile and artistic way.  We believe that after everything has been said and done, the history and marks made on this planet by an individual, an organization or an event are priceless, and that those memories deserve a celebratory and proper place to live.

Using oversize leather-bound albums in a myriad of colors and textures available exclusively at Soolip, handtorn pages of artisanal, textured paper become the canvas for photographs, newspaper and magazine clippings, important letters and other memorabilia.  Combined with a curated selection of the luxe and distinctive papers of Soolip, these pages are transformed into the rich world of an individual's or organizations life, and a true work of art that will have a life on its own for future generations.

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Custom Printing

Personal Stationery

Today we live in a world where communication is ruled by emails, text messages and digital social media.  There is no denying the wonders of electronic messaging, but nothing captures the moment more poignantly than putting pen to paper.  

Our vision is to not only sustain, but to inspire a return to the human connection in our day-to-day.  As technology continues to move forward, we are increasingly starved for the personal association.  There exists a natural, soulful beauty to handwriting.  Whether one is confessing love to another, expressing gratitude for someone's time spent,  or a wish for a special life milestone, it is the tactile nature of the paper, the sounds of the letter or card being removed from its envelope, the sight of the rich ink color and possibly a custom watermark embedded within the paper, and the unique personality of one's penmanship that will immediately create the warmth, a sense of importance and a nod to the person reading the scribed words.

Calling Card

In a time when social interaction was a well-polished and refined affair, a Calling Card was considered a social necessity.  During its peak era of usage, it was seen as impolite to exchange a business card during a social occasion. Streamlining introductions and serving as a reminder of a new acquaintance, the Calling Card served its purpose to brand your social identity.  Today, the Calling Card is making a comeback and is quickly finding its place as the pre-eminent fashion accessory amidst the modern international social scene.  Exchanging a Calling Card is intriguing, with simply one's name, a mobile phone number, an email contact and sometimes a profession indication.  Conveying a subtle yet indisputably elegant intelligence while being an ambassador of one's sense of style, this small canvas of paper is a must for a well-cultured individual.

Party Invitations

We believe that a party starts as soon as invited guests receive an invitation in the mail.  Because of this, we take our task seriously in creating a piece that not only effectively communicates the necessary information, but also one that excites and inspires the guests about the upcoming event.  We've been known to employ wood veneer, silkscreened henna,  dried nature findings, raw guaze envelopes, laser-cut paper lace, and even motion-activated sound devices to set the tone of the celebration about to take place.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Adding a sense of understated elegance and a curated, sophisticated aesthetic, be inspired with any of the styles presented here, or challenge us to create something unique, thematic and one-of-a-kind for your upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah. 

Holiday Greetings

Soolip is your creative partner when it comes to customized Holiday Cards. From photo-based greetings to hand drawn illustrations of your home or an iconic tree, to graphic text-based cards, we utilize only the finest of papers and employ letterpress, engraving and foil-stamping printing techniques, of which are chosen to best convey the artistic sensibility of each project.


Birth Announcements

Announcing the birth of a newborn is worthy of making permanent on paper.   Allow Soolip to enhance this milestone in your child's life in a creative and graceful manner that reflects your family's aesthetic sensibility and that will withstand the test of time.



Celebration of Life Card

We believe that a life, just having passed the threshold, should be celebrated.  Our Celebration of Life cards do just that.  Infused with poignant words describing the personality and the passions of the person in honor surrounding their likeness, along with a passage or poem of your choice, and a little "wink" on the back, these dignified pieces are the perfect addition at a memorial service, adding an artistic and tasteful touch of detail.  These cards are also suitable for mailing, acknowledging the friends and family who are not able to attend the memorial service.

Wedding Invitations

See Wedding Invitations, Products and Services here

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Soolip Wedding Paper & Designs

Out of our passions for beauty, nature, fashion & paper, Soolip embraces the distinctive, modern bride and groom who seek the sophisticated, the personal and the meaningful. We are here to assist couples in navigating through the planning of their wedding day, one of the most important events of their lives. Our desire is for our clients to have an unforgettable wedding that is executed with good intention, that is deeply rooted in their cultural heritage and personal values, and that the decisions that are made are done so with a consciousness for all.

We joyfully offer our collection of wedding services and products for your special day . . . 

wedding invitations & stationery suite

We believe in the power of first impression.  Your wedding invitation is the introduction. It sets the stage for your event and should exquisitely and succinctly represent you, your partner and your wedding. From the save-the-dates and wedding invitations, to the menus and thank you cards, we are dedicated to translating your individual vision and desires into your unique wedding stationery suite.  

Nothing is beyond our imagination or capabilities.  We enjoy the collaboration with each of our clients and find just as much joy creating a sweet, simple booklet-invite printed letterpress on 100% cotton papers for an enchanting event in nature, to a grand invitation bevel-edged in gold and resting in a bed of amethyst crystals housed in a custom-made box perfectly-suited for a French castle wedding.  




A petite booklet invitation, this invite allows for a main invitation, and up to 4 additional pages for information, a map or, simply, musings.  Printed Letterpress on 100% cotton, this charming piece is sure to enchant.

Also makes a perfect announcement for a memorable event, like a birth!




A delicate piece of silk tissue letterpress printed with a modern text is wrapped around a deckle-edged card, then hand sewn with a wool yarn or vintage platinum twine. 




A floral collage of real pressed flowers surrounds this letterpress printed invitation made of 100% cotton stock. Perfect for an outdoor garden wedding. 




An invitation fit for a princess, this our European scribe's hand that graces this wedding invitation suite - classic European calligraphy. Yards of bridal ivory hand-dyed silk are secured with an old-world wax seal featuring the couple's initials. 




This regal invitation is engraved printed on a luxuriously thick ecru, gold bevel-edged cardstock. Multiple wraps of fine gold twine secure a diaphanous piece of silk tissue featuring the invitation text. An accompanying Map and tri-fold program are perfect accoutrements. 







The beauty of our scribe's calligraphic hand as it undulates between the lines of invitation text is gracious, elegant, and stunning. Lipstick Red punctuates this wedding invitation engraved in two colors - red and black - on a luxuriously thick ecru, gold bevel-edged cardstock. 


. . . and beyond


From Vintage Stamps gracing calligraphered outer envelopes, to Laser-cute Flax Linen Inner Envelopes, to colorful Pressed Flowers adorning a Save the Date, to Circle Invitations and Menus, to invitations on Lacquered Frayed Chiffon, we can create just about anything imaginable. 

escort and seating cards

Escort cards are a must-have at weddings with any form of assigned seating. Escort cards should be simple, easy to navigate and should creatively represent the vibe and aesthetic of an event. Have fun and be creative with the display of escort cards - we love them clipped to the branches of a pine tree, hanging on long ribbon tendrils underneath a tree canopy or placed within beds of amethyst-filled wooden trays.

Seating cards are placed on specific place settings to indicate, to the guests, their specified seats.  As with the Escort card, these pieces add a creative element to your event and should enhance the established event aesthetic. 

In both cases, think outside the box - explore a fun ink color, a textured paper, perhaps use a small item that represents the event location such as a capiz shell for a beach wedding or circular wood rounds for a forest wedding.


There is nothing more beautiful and captivating than the result of ink on paper from an artistic hand. Enhance your wedding stationery suite with bewitching calligraphered addresses on envelopes,  elegantly-scribed names on escort cards or wedding vows made permanent on a stunning scroll of handmade paper.

monogram and logo development

Consider a monogram or logo that is completely unique to you and your partner to use as a way to "brand" your wedding and develop a creative cohesiveness throughout your event. Personal logos can be a monogram of two calligraphed, intertwining letters of your first names, an illustration of the tree where you will be married under, or can be a whimsical caricature of your and your finance's happy faces.  Whatever is chosen, these iconic images are a thoughtful touch when embossed on cocktail napkins, imprinted on giveaway journals for gifting, or printed on thank you notes as a sweet reminder of your unforgettable day. 

keepsake boxes

For nostalgia's sake, create a safe and sacred place to hold some of your most treasured pieces from your special day . . . the invitation, dried elements of your bouquet, a remnant of lace from your custom-made dress, treasured letters and perhaps your vows handwritten on that scratch piece of paper.  We have the capability to create truly unique and customized keepsake boxes in any size.  

Shop boxes here or learn more about our custom created boxes . . . 

archive writing & photo albums

Bookbinding is a craft that we fully embrace and feel that the more we move into our digital world, the more meaningful and significant a gorgeous, hand-bound book becomes.  Of any event in one's life, the memories created from a wedding deserve a particularly special place to live.  Our oversized writing albums are a unique, creative space for guests to scribe their heart-felt words written to you, the couple.  Imagine the opportunity of an entire blank page of delicious handmade paper where your guests can openly express themselves with pen and ink. Moreover, imagine at the end of an event, having this treasured album that holds the words and penmanship of all your most beloved family and friends.  Priceless.   Click here for more on The Writing Experience.  For those in the market for a more simple Guest Book, we are always in stock with various styles covered in paper or leather. To shop writing albums and guest books, click here.

Create a significant and exquisite space for your wedding photographs to live, forever.  We can custom-bind a truly unique album for you, complete with your names and wedding date permanently embossed on the leather cover in gold lettering.  In addition, we stock a variety of photo albums in various sizes and cover choices.  To shop photo albums, click here.  In both cases, we also offer our creative and production services in creating the pages, by mounting your images and if desired, creatively enhancing the pages with our collection of decorative papers. 


The process of life and how we get to where we are is never as we plan.  It is filled with joyous, memorable moments as well as challenges and imperfections that mark the pleasure and beauty of living.  Entering a path to marriage and creating a life to share with another is a life-changing journey, and one worthy of documenting for both bride and groom.  We welcome you to take the time, with pen and ink, to write and express what your heart and soul are feeling as you go through the process of planning your wedding, and taking on this journey to create a life with another.  

Journals are also ideal gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, family, and guests.  We can customize styles with your wedding logo or branding.  Shop journals here.  


We delight in collaborating with our wedding clients in creating the most perfect, unique gifts for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, guests and your significant other. We can take a vision or thought from conceptualization to execution to perfect packaging. With over a combined 40 years of sourcing experience all over the world, nothing is too big a hurdle for our team.  We have created semi-precious jewelry with a couple's initials for 500 guests, welcome bags featuring an artistic rendering of the Italian castle wedding site filled with products unique to the Dolomite mountain region for 150 guests, and 300 canvas drawstring bags filled with Virginia peanuts with a fun caricature of the couple's cheerful images (eating peanuts!) on the outside of the bag.  

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Corporate Services

Soolip Corporate Services culls the best of Soolip’s wide range of gift and marketing services by blending the modern with the handcrafted and tailors them to the specific needs of our corporate clientele. Soolip is your creative partner, with an emphasis on packaging, graphic design, art direction and custom premiums, all with the sophisticated and refined sensibility known as . . . The Soolip Touch.

Graphic Design & Printing




Logo Design & Branding



Case Studies

City National Bank

Challenged to create a meaningful and personable gift for a distinguished group of high net-worth female clients at an honorary luncheon, a Writing Compendium was created, complete with an assortment of Soolip letterpressed greeting cards, a writing journal, a sleek rollerball pen, and a set of laser-cut grey/white notes cards customized with each guest's name, all nestled within a City National Bank - branded keepsake box, and presented with a calligraphered name card. 

Lexus 10.20 Launch

Lexus was launching their LS-460 vehicle on October 20, 2006 that had features new to the automotive industry. Given this unprecedented vehicle, Lexus desired an unprecedented launch.  We were tapped to create a Dealer Kit that touched all 230 Lexus dealerships in the U.S., one that would excite the Lexus retailers, and inspire and set the aesthetic tone for the launch parties that were to take place at each location.  A pair of Baccarat champagne flutes were exquisitely wrapped in a pale velour with ribbons in chocolate and mink accents, then surrounded with smoothed cut glass, embedded LED lights, and live green succulents. A 20-page, hand-bound, letterpress printed manual sat on top filled with information on the vehicle, its target customer, and thorough details of design elements prescribed for the retail launch events.  A translucent overlay of the LS-460 lay on top, creating the immediate intrigue of this live, lit presentation.  

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan, beauty entrepreneur and YouTube personality, who boasts 7.9 million subscribers, was hosting a luncheon for a select group of young female movers and shakers in the beauty digital world.  Partnering with Soolip was a natural to create a lasting high-touch gift, a collection of assorted Soolip letterpress-printed greeting cards within a ribbon-tie keepsake box in a girly deep blush pink that would provide inspiration and goodwill long after the party.  Each box was detailed with a guest's name exquisitely calligraphered in deep pink.


A prominent international entrepreneur was celebrating his 80th birthday, and desired an unusual and memorable parting gift for his 250 attending guests at the two-day affair. With only 7 days to execute, we conceived, designed, produced and packaged a one-of-a-kind design - Filigree Cross Page Markers, 14K gold, detailed with wire-wrapped raw crystals tethering the opposite end of a deep royal purple velvet ribbon.  Every detail was tended to - a black velvet tray was created to offer protection and a home for the jewel to live, while showcasing inspirational words presented in Gold Foil.


This client desired a show-stopper piece to be sent to magazine and media beauty editors, as an initial introduction of her upcoming name-sake scent.  Together with the client, we collaborated in creating a delectable box with ingredients that not only represented the client and her aesthetic, but that touched all of one's senses for a complete sensory experience.  A blush ribbon-tie box covered in a hi-touch velour  and logo-branded in silver foil became a home for a pink box from the famed Bottega Louie filled with macarons in shades of pinks and fuschias to delight the taste buds, a bottle of pink-labeled champagne and a champagne glass, a USB flashdrive that included images of the brand and the perfume, a journal that beckons the recipient to dig deep and get in touch with one's grace answering the writing prompt "Reasons I'm Fabulous", a bottle of her scent that delighted one's smell, and to further delight the senses of smell, sight and touch, a final detail of dried rose petals strewn on the inside and surrounding all the elements. 

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Engage your audience in artisanal and tactile experiences that ignite the soul, creatively and spiritually.  These time-honored, artisanal and tactile tutorials bring the human touch to any celebratory event.

stationery-making workshops

Imagine a table full of amazing creative elements to inspire you to create your own personal stationery.  Perfect for a teen-age birthday gathering or an inspirational employee event, guests will leave with a collection of notes that they will enjoy writing and sharing with others.

gift wrap demonstrations and seminars

Whether for a corporate branding event celebrating the power of the artisanal, a company bonding activity during the holiday season,  or a focus of interest for an intimate gathering at a women's luncheon, a presentation/demonstration by Wanda Wen, Soolip's Co-Founder, self-proclaimed paperphile and author of The Art of Gift Wrapping, a Random House publication, is an experience like no other.  She, along with her team, can transform any everyday object and box into a beautiful and moving piece of art.  Learn from the expert herself how an average gift can be enhanced and transformed into something even more unique than its initial existence.

journaling & bookbinding workshops

Written expression works to open the heart and soul.  Ideal for health & beauty resorts, and corporate functions, Wanda will take her guests on a journey engaging the hand, head and heart.   Guests will be taught the age-old craft of bookbinding with needle and twine.  Armed with one's personally-made journal, Wanda will then inspire her guests to step inside the "self" and explore the heart through creative writing.  

live calligraphy exhibitions 

Romance your audience with the artisanal form of the written word with a team from Soolip.  Imagine a classically-trained, master calligrapher on site at your event, turning back the clock to a time when the written word, ink on paper, plays homage to the time-honored notion of writing with the human hand.   Nothing is more gracefully creative than the tactile and visual beauty of a calligraphers stroke on a handmade paper.  We can customize a program for your event that will enhance the event agenda, messaging and goals. Shown here are programs launching Lexus' LFA vehicle, where the idea of complete customization, along with attention to detail, were the marketing messages tantamount to the Lexus team.  Soolip created a Custom Calling Card program that traveled with Lexus to 4 major cites - Beverly HIlls, Chicago, Dallas and New York City, where prospective LFA buyers in attedance were gifted a set of Letterpress Calling Cards customized with design element choices and guests' personal information.

archive writing experience

Words, the tactile manifestation of the heart, are yours to keep . . . forever.

Imagine a table lit by candlelight, bottles of dipping inks in intense colors, writing instruments beckoning one's hand to hold, smooth sticks of sealing wax in deep colors and metallics, and an oversized archive writing album opened up to a page  . . .  a clean slate, natural white handmade paper of linen ad cotton, an inviting space for your guests' thoughts and musings of their hearts and souls.  This experience is a perfect addition to a wedding or any event, and raises the bar to the guest book to an unparalleled level.  










gift wrap party

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Gift Wrap

Over the years, we have wrapped everything from Christian Louboutin shoes to Harry Winston diamonds, pomegranate trees to plane tickets.  As wonderful as the gifts themselves are, we remain steadfast in our belief that each one is just that much more meaningful, memorable and appreciated when dressed in mink-colored iridescent paper accompanied with stems of lotus seed pods, or swathed in multiple wraps of skinny gold twine accented with cerise-red vintage glass berries, or finished with yards of cocoa double-face satin ribbon accented with wire-wrapped crystals.  We stock an expansive collection of papers as unusual as gold accented cork and natural-color flax linen, and as sophisticated as the intricately-detailed Japanese silk-screens and the rich, fashionable colors of the sensual "skin" papers. We thrive on the unusual and the extraordinary.  


Specialized Soolip Gift Wrap Services . . .

Gift Wrap Kits

Our impeccably curated gift wrap kits are your one-stop-shop for a beautifully styled gift. They are conveniently complete with all of the elements you need to wrap and garnish your gifts including artisan papers, fine ribbons and festive gift toppers. Soolip's gift wrap kits are available in a variety of tantalizing styles for various occasions. Each of our gift wrap kits has been uniquely created by the Soolip Team to embellish a gift deserving of an extraordinary presentation. 


On-Site & One-Off Service

Soolip gift wrap is available for on-site services, and are available to fly anywhere in the world. We have the capability to manage a single oversized art piece to a luxury event gifting of 1,000 pieces for both personal and corporate needs.   


Gift Wrapping Parties and Classes

Let Soolip host your next party! Whether you are in need of a private gift wrapping tutorial before the busy holiday season or an entertaining party project for a festive evening with friends or a child's birthday party, we look forward to sharing with you the art of gift wrapping. 

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Custom Boxes

Everyone loves a good box, a container that holds intrigue, something worthy, a gift.  Soolip's box making capabilities not only has surpassed the common denominator box maker, but has elevated this hard-to-find craft into one that holds its weight within the Soolip standard.  From one-of-a-kind boxes covered in luxe black velour accented with a matte gold calligraphered monogram and a cream double face satin ribbon, to 1,000 lacquered lipstick red jewel boxes containing a brand's top selling item, these and much more are within our vision and production capabilities.

Hinged Lid Box

Our most seductive box style, this piece is characterized by its inviting ribbon tie closure that accentuates the fascination of what lies inside.   


Magnetic Lid Box

Sleek and streamlined, this box style has a hidden magnetic feature embedded on the inside lid and the box body that keeps this box closed.